Who can share images on Eyes of Our World?
In order to share images on Eyes of Our World, you only need to sign up for a free membership. Members can upload their images from around the world as well as comment on our other members’ images.
Why should I share my images?
The World is complex, amazing and fascinates us all- let us all see what and where you have experienced!
What images should I share?
Share any image(s) that have geographic relevance…which means nearly any image at all! From glaciers, canyons, volcanoes, lakes and other natural landforms to buildings, monuments, bridges and other manmade objects- share it all!
What keywords should I tag my images with?
Tag your images with any words you think are important in describing your image. The more descriptive you are, the easier your photo will to find for other users of Eyes Of Our World.
Who will see my uploaded images?
Any visitor to Eyes of Our World may see your uploaded image(s) because visitors do not have to become members in order to browse the Eyes of Our World collection.




By becoming a member of Eyes of Our World, I agree to the following: I will be responsible and respectful when using this website, which includes, but is not limited to the following.

1. I will only share images that are NOT considered pornography and are appropriate to be viewed by all ages.

2. I agree to only share images which I have the rights to share and will respect applicable copyright laws.

3. All comments I post will be appropriate and will not include any crude or foul language.

4. I give Eyes of Our World the right to use my uploaded images for promotional or other uses.

Eyes of Our World reserves the right to remove images and/or members at its own discretion.